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What are people saying?

” I must start off by saying, “What a talented author”!! My LA Story is packed with uncut, real life experiences. The ups and downs that Kendall Alexandria mentions, help you realize that we all have an opportunity to be our best selves. Whether you are a Hollywood industry exec, actor, entrepreneur, or before the beginning stage of success; this amazing book will point you in the right direction. A must buy for book collections!!”

– Tina Ford

“Much needed! Thank you for all of your hard work it took to share your story! I love the fact you care about up and coming artists enough to share all of this wisdom on how to accelerate artists career. I bought this book for my daughter and I’ve seen accomplishments all from the guidance and information Kendall Alexandria has shared! I’m telling everyone about this book. Thank u so much Kendall.”

– Nisa Ford

“Excellent resource for anyone whose ready to take that leap of faith and follow their dreams. Thank you Kendall Alexandria for sharing your toolbox and offering meaningful directives, insight and inspiration.”

– Leslie Dickerson