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Mastermind Accelerator Program

3.5 hour power session ( via phone, skype or in person)

Investment: $497 due 48 hours before your accelerator session.

(no payment plans available)


Mastermind Accelerator Program Details 

    1. You get 10 plus years of experience transferred to you in 3 hours with a proven step by step action plan to level up your career.

    2. You get a copy of the 5 star Amazon best seller  “My LA Story” book which will help you tremendously on your journey!

    3. You now have a carved out path that could’ve taken years to find on your own with no guidance.

    4. You get a self development plan that will assist in making you a more valuable person and tools for a stronger mindset.What will we cover?

      What will we cover?

      How to have booking headshots that stand out from the rest: Headshots/ Resume Makeover

      How to acquire & keep a team that truly believes in you: Building your dream team

      How to position yourself, enhance your image/ brand online and offline: Social media insider strategies

      How to market yourself to the marketplace in a smart & efficient way: Marketing yourself effectively

      How to network without feeling weird or coming off needy: Hollywood networking with the sharks

      How to properly set your goals and crush them: Goal setting techniques to get you where you want to be.

      How to maintain mental strength that’s unshakeable: mental strength that’s untouchable.

      How to master your craft and the art of effective communication thru your art: Mastery of your craft

      How to create and confidently use your elevator pitch: Effective communication with top level execs

      How to build relationships with ” out of reach” executives: Build a billion $ rolodex of new friends

      How to package your brand for success: Package your brand and create a household name

      How to create a millionaire mindset and leave a legacy that never dies: Leave a legacy that changes the world!


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“ You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight”!- Jim Rohn