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” How to Start & Accelerate Your Hollywood Acting Career”



Seats are filling, our last event was at capacity!

Dates: Jan. 2020


Time: 11am-4pm PST



What will we cover?

How to have booking headshots that stand out from the rest: Headshots/ Resume Makeover

How to acquire & keep a team that truly believes in you: Building your dream team

How to position yourself, enhance your image/ brand online and offline: Social media insider strategies

How to market yourself to the marketplace in a smart & efficient way: Marketing yourself effectively

How to network without feeling weird or coming off needy: Hollywood networking with the sharks

How to properly set your goals and crush them: Goal setting techniques to get you where you want to be.

How to maintain mental strength that’s unshakeable: mental strength that’s untouchable.

How to master your craft and the art of effective communication thru your art: Mastery of your craft

How to create and confidently use your elevator pitch: Effective communication with top level execs

How to build relationships with ” out of reach” executives: Build a billion $ rolodex of new friends

How to package your brand for success: Package your brand and create a household name

How to create a millionaire mindset and leave a legacy that never dies: Leave a legacy that changes the world!

What are people saying?

Working with Kendall has changed my life! “I BOOKED my first co- star as an OFFER in an international tv show I signed for ACROSS THE BOARD REPRESENTATION over the phone I met with an executive BILLIONAIRE that has a CBS show on air now My team gets me MULTIPLE AUDITIONS IN A DAY I am becoming someone I couldn’t have imagined a year ago! And guess what? I WAS A BEGINNER WITH NO EXPERIENCE OR CONNECTIONS! You’re up next!” – Maria Manvelian, ARNOLD’S JAMAICAN PIZZA

” I BOOKED my first NATIONAL COMMERCIAL with an international brand Setup a meeting with an OSCAR NOMINATED director/ producer that has 2 FOX shows, I’ve met with COUNTLESS other execs who now know me/ my work! I got my action plan and Kendall will show you how to get yours”! -Ashley McCauley Moore, UBER NATIONAL COMMERCIAL

” This is a very strange town, very strange. You need a network of people that you can trust, and this is a place with genuine people who care about your success. Kendall will teach you killer strategies on the business of acting. These strategies work, when you work! Check me and Kendall out in her tv movie coming in January! Emmy Winning Actor, Kim Estes

I met Kendall at a summer acting workshop where she spoke! As a result of working with Kendall, within 6 months I secured ACROSS THE BOARD REPRESENTATION, shot/ produced my demo reel I, BOOKED a VH1 tv show and am auditioning for major NETWORK SHOWS on a consistent basis! Man this stuff works. -David Bravo, AMBER ROSE VH1 SHOW

Kendall’s energy, commitment and understanding of the business is worth gold to anyone who’s looking for guidance of a jump start. I have a lot of experience and still learned some new techniques from Kendall. Keep spreading the wisdom! – Aubrey Manning, CRIMINAL MINDS, HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, HO– USE, RAY DONOVAN

I attended the transformation boot camp with no clue as to what next step I needed to take to get my career started. By week 2 of the boot camp I got an agent that truly believes in me to SIGN ME OVER THE PHONE! I am auditioning for HUGE BRANDS, getting callbacks and I’m so excited about my future as an actor! Attending that boot camp CHANGED MY LIFE! Thank you! – Christian Hudson

I saw that Kendall wrote and published her book, “ My LA Story”! At that time, I wanted to publish my book but had no idea of what steps I needed to take. She gave me step by step guidance and now I am a published author. I travel all around the world and live life to the fullest! – Ellen Lin, 7 figure E Commerce coach, Published author, CEO/ Founder: EllenPro

I am so grateful to be in this network. There Is always something new that I get out of the meetings and workshops that I incorporate into my journey! Thank you Kendall! -Nancy Scandoval, ELLEN SHOW, GINGER, YOUNG AND RICH

I signed up for the 90-day program and it was a transformational experience! I booked some projects in the past, but I had some setbacks that held me up for a bit. When I started working with Kendall I got new headshots, got my reel together and have a clear layout of my action steps that I am taking! Kendall taught me about building relationships and I got an OFFER FOR A RECURRING GUEST STAR ROLE ON A FOX TV SHOW! – Jamila Adams, 911 FOX

My MINDSET and LIST OF CONNECTIONS have grown tremendously! As a beginner I had no idea of how to get going with acting! Kendall took me by the hand and wrote/ produced my demo reel which led me to getting AUDTIONS and meetings with respected agencies! And here’s the kicker… I DON’T EVEN LIVE IN LOS ANGELES! I am moving there with wisdom I would’ve had to spend years getting on my own! – Alex Yang, Award Winning Actor

I attended the live seminar and literally started using the NETWORKING tools immediately! After sending my package out to 2 “A LIST” targeted EXCUTIVES, I not only got a response, but I GOT AN INVITE TO THEIR PREMIERE RED CARPET EVENT FOR THEIR FILM! I’ve also gotten AUDITIONS ON MY OWN using the email strategies that I learned! Now, I’m taking full control of my career and I’M NOT WAITING ON ANYONE TO MAKE MY DREAMS A REALITY! – Summer Sinclair

In my many years here in LA, I ‘ve attended plenty of events and have also taken a ton of classes. But I HAVE NEVER LEARNED THE STRATEGIES that I learn here, I mean EVER! I always leave feeling happy and ready to take my acting career to higher heights! – Tim Byer

Kendall came to speak to my students and I was impressed about the strategies that she taught. Her wisdom inspires and guides a lot of people! – Alex Feldman, THE AMERICANS, THE ENEMY WITHIN

Wow is all that I can say! I recently started back with working on my passion and Kendall came into my life at the perfect time! I work behind the scenes and see the industry from a totally different point of view. Now I know how to CREATE and KEEP HIGH LEVEL RELATIONSHIPS and am so excited about what’s to come! Now that I know the secret ingredients, I’m using them and seeing MAJOR CHANGES in the relationships I’m attracting! – Joanna Mcphail, LUCIFER

The things I’ve learned with the artist wealth network are NOT TAUGHT IN DRAMA SCHOOL! I am truly blown away… – Keith Gerstner

When I started working with Kendall I only had background experience for 15 years. This experience has forever changed my direction and has got me results I didn’t get for YEARS! Now, I have a theatrical, commercial, voiceover, print agent and am GOING ON AUDITIONS/ CALLBACKS for INTERNATIONAL BRANDS, got my demo reel and new headshots THAT ACTUALLY GET ME INTO ROOMS. I also lost over 30 pounds due to Kendall’s accountability and pushing me to attend my training sessions at the gym! Watch out for my thriller film I am personally producing!! – David Swann, Actor/ Producer

Social media is extremely important for actors. I learned how I must run my social media in the most smart and efficient way! I’ve done a lot of research online, but Kendall gave me actual action steps and has me going in the right direction to grow a massive following! – Gino Charles

Kendall made me believe in myself and not let other people control my opinions of myself! This helped me to become a better artist and a better person. – Alisa Yang

Kendall is a God send. We did a consultation about growing my business. Not only did I have 2 HIGH PAYING leads after our session, one of those leads assisted in me creating the small business expo here in North Carolina which landed us on the local news stations!! – – Oasiris Yates, CEO/ Founder First Class Consultants

You took your time and had patience with the kids. Bella had so much fun and you taught her how to be confident like you. She will never forget this experience, and neither will I! And now she has an agent and going on auditions! We appreciate you so much! – Bella and her mommy

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We provide you with a STEP BY STEP Proven process that took over a decade of trial and error! You will now have a blueprint to create the career and life that you are destined for! if you are serious and ready to get actual results then we look forward to meeting you! If you are not ready to become your best self then this opportunity wasn’t designed for you!

*seats are very LIMITED and our events are always at capacity, apply above to attend! *