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As I was listening to my morning inspirational audio, I thought of you.
As artists we are focused on what we can get a lot of the time. We are thinking about what auditions we can get, relationships we can form, bookings we can get, positive vibes we can get and just overall how we can “get” to where we want to go in our career.

That’s all great to do but today I’m going to share how we can also add another layer to this equation to attain better results.
What can you “give” to help someone else? How can your life help make someone else’s life better? Will Smith stated “ If you’re living a life that’s not helping other lives become better then you’re wasting your time”! What can you do this week to give back? You can give back in a plethora of ways.

You can give your time, money to help someone, resources… etc.

Time: find a charity that you can come help when time permits. A charity that your passionate about.

Money: give 10% of your income to a charity or your church to help a cause greater than us!

Resources: If you have information that can help someone, give it to them.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying “ what you sew is what you reap”. Well I find that to not be fully true. Every time I’ve sewn I’ve gotten so much more back. I’ve sewn hundreds and gotten thousands back almost instantly sometimes.

Here’s a challenge!!!!
The first 3 people that send us a video and show us proof of what you gave this week will win a FREE consultation session ( $297 value) with one of our success strategists! You will get a proven STEP BY STEP action plan that will start helping you TODAY!


Let the giving festivities begin!!!!!

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