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We are a Los Angeles based Entertainment consulting firm!

Are you an actor, singer, writer, rapper, model, corporate worker, dancer or entertainer that wants to GET STARTED in acting but just doesn’t know the first step?

We have created a blueprint that will give you our STEP BY STEP PROVEN process to transform your life to even greater levels! We also don’t just focus on you being a great artist.

The most important factor in you becoming a better artist lies within you becoming YOUR BEST SELF! We truly care about you as a person and want the absolute best for you in ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE!

We are a group of passionate artists/ directors and brands specialists that collectively has over 30 years of UNDER THE FIRE EXPERIENCE! And we’ve created a system that is easily transferable and simple to follow for your success!

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals! We look forward to not letting your dreams meet the grave and pushing you to be YOUR BEST SELF!